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There are so many reasons to remodel a home. You may have just purchased a new fixer-upper, or you just want to make your home more uniquely you. Remodeling is also the best way to add a great deal of value to a home that you plan on selling. Whatever your reason for remodeling, Porter’s Remodeling is here to help. We do everything from interior remodeling to installing vinyl siding, and even making additions to your house. Many of the services we offer not only improve the look and feel of your home, but will also save you money in utility bills and maintenance costs. We will work with you to get the job done quickly, and to your satisfaction. At Porters, we are your one stop shop in home renovation, whether you choose to do it all at once or to stretch the projects out over a few years.

NW Indiana Kitchen RemodelingKitchens and Bathrooms

Porter’s Remodeling will provide you with premier service in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Whether it’s just a few changes, or a complete overhaul with new lighting, flooring and everything in between, we can help you achieve your dream room.

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NW Indiana Window RemodelingWindows and Doors

Whether the vision of your window and door replacements include just a few, decorative windows for a cozy room feel, or lots of large windows for a spacious, airy kind of room, we can accommodate you. We work with all sorts of window types in any kind of room, so working with us means you have almost endless options. We can also add and replace any kind of door so your door and window needs will be completely taken care of with Porter’s Remodeling.

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NW Indiana Exterior RemodelingExterior Remodeling

There are many advantages to going with vinyl siding for your home. It is durable against even the harsh Midwestern weather, and it will not fade or stain the way more traditional siding, such as wood or brick will. Porter’s Remodeling are experts at installing vinyl siding to make the exterior of your home both beautiful and low-maintenance!

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NW Indiana Window RemodelingInsulation

With a not-so-great economy and sky-high energy prices, homeowners want to do everything they can to cut back on the utility bills. Replacing old insulation is a great way to do this. Porter’s Remodeling can apply insulation anywhere it’s needed: in between walls, attics, and even basements to make your family and your bank account more comfortable.

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When you look at our services, you likely notice one of the best things about remodeling–you have so many options open to you concerning design, style and utility. Porter’s Remodeling is made up of highly trained, capable and experienced home construction professionals who can help you achieve the exact look you desire for your home. We will also work with any insurance to make the whole remodeling process easy and comfortable for you and your family.

So whatever your remodeling or home construction needs are, give Porter’s Remodeling a call today, and take the first step to making your home even more beautiful!